Renewable energy
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We provide your energy independence,
making life more comfortable.

About us

Our work
engineering, space, khai, klener

We provide engineering services in the field of design, calculation and modernization of solar and wind power plants, perform facility energy audits and commissioning operations.

Who we are
Knowledge, engineering, space

We are a team of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the design of terrestrial power plants, as well as power supply systems for spacecraft. Our team has international experience, participate in R&D activities and continuously advancing their skills

What we offer
engineering, klener, renewable energy

We offer engineering services in the field of renewable energy-based power plants development and introduction to private and industrial facilities of Ukraine and beyond

Solar energy

Our projects
design, solar plant, research

of solar power plants

Feasibility study, modernization, solar

Feasibility study
for facility construction

Planning, commissioning, solar

of facility commissioning

design, frame, solar, plant

Structural steel design

Wind energy

Our projects
design, wind, energy, research


of wind power plants

Feasibility study, modernization, wind

Feasibility studyfor facility construction

Planning, commissioning, wind

Planningof facility commissioning

aerodynamic, researches, simulations

Aerodynamic researches
and simulations


Energy Audit

Our projects
analyzing, energy audit


technical, solution

better solution

list, works, prices

Making list
of works with prices

Calculation, payback, modernization

of payback periods


Our partners

We have developed a power system
for eco-hotel in Portugal 2018

Partnership in the field of installation and supply of power plants

Longstanding close cooperation,
starting with our studies in this university

Cooperation in the design of a wind turbine with a capacity of 2 kW

Collaboration in the design and testing of electric motors

Cooperation in the field of aerodynamic calculations of blades

Our competitions

Participants of the festival 2016

Winner of the competition for small and medium-sized businesses in 2016

Participants of the festival 2016

Winners 2016

Finalists 2016

Participants of the competition 2017

Participation in the 19th Annual MIT Venture Capital & Innovation Conference, Boston, 2017

Finalists 2018

Julien Labrousse, klener

Julien Labrousse

French entrepreneur and architect,
particular owner and manager of two Parisian theaters: Elysée Montmartre and Le Trianon.

Very professional work

Oleksandr Prymak, Олександр Приймак, Sirocco

Oleksandr Prymak

CTO and founder in
Sirocco Energy

We are a startup and develop innovative wind turbine generator. Already several times had the opportunity to work with the KLENER team in the field of aerodynamics and mechanics, which quickly caught what we needed and coped with the work within the specified time. Everything is made clearly and succinctly, nothing superfluous. It's very cool when someone can give a clear, precise result in a short time. We really enjoyed working with KLENER, we turned to them a few more times, complemented the calculations, and each time we were completely satisfied with the result. I advised the guys to get acquainted with the team of another startup. Most likely, we will continue to work in the future.

Губин Сергей Викторович, ХАИ, Sergii Gubin

Sergii Gubin

Head of the Department of Space Technology and renewable Energy Sources, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor

The high level of training, multiplied by enthusiasm and creative search, is the basis on which promising renewable energy projects are performed and continue to be performed by a young but professional team



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